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Hello my name is Chantelle I am the owner of Sassys Sparkling Scents which was started in 2020 we are based in a small coastal village in Essex.

All of my products are hand poured by myself I use a natural soy wax and a lovely range of fragrances to produce all my wax products,we also use biodegradable glitter and  our  packaging is biogradable,compostable and recyclable.

Customer Reviews

I brought Baby Powder from Sassys omg its amazing my whole house smelt lovely.


Snow fairy strong lasting scent I will be purchasing again. 


happy with the scents I brought very strong and will be buying again.

Karen Poulter

Highly scented long lasting wax

highly recommend this vendor for their long lasting wax and lovely scents to choose from Pixie Dust is beautiful.

Vanessa Hughes

Wow just had some wax delivered from Sassys.

The scents are long lasting and amazing 

Lynn Tucker

Just had another delivery from Sassys the scents are amazing my home smells incredible i havent found a scent i dont like they are all my favourite especially Angel10/10

Sophie Hedges